• Index to the names of persons appearing in History of DPC (Blanchard), 1973

    Mary Louise B. Todd, indexer

    This index to an early history of DuPage County covers both the events in Part I and the biographical sketches in Part II. Page numbers preceded by a "B" appear in Part II, "Biographical Sketches."

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  • Historical Encyclopedia Of Illinois and history of Du Page County, Volume 1

    Newton Bateman, editor-in-chief, Paul Selby, associate editor, Munsell Publishing Co

    Illinois is prominent in the early history of the West. Concise descriptions of places, historical facts, and biographies of living persons with close relations to the state. Illustrations include por…

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  • History of the County of DuPage, 1st ed.

    1st ed., by C.W. Richmond & H.F. Vallette, Commemorative ed. published by Caroline Martin Mitchell Museum, The Naperville Heritage Society

    This first history of DuPage County describes the Indian wars, land claims, prominent first settlers, organization as a county in 1839 with Naperville as county seat, resources, institutions and histo…

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