Metadata Resources

Metadata Assessment and Remediation

On their way to the DPLA catalog, your institution's collections will first be assessed by the IDHH. We will work with you to make any changes required or recommended by the DPLA.

If you have already contributed collections and want to improve your metadata, you might start by checking with any collection assessments provided by the metadata manager or contacting them directly.

The documentation below will help guide new contributors through the process of preparing collections’ metadata for harvest and can refresh current contributors who want to further improve their metadata.

IDHH Metadata Documentation & Links

DPLA Metadata Resources

All of the IDHH’s protocols are in keeping with the DPLA’s requirements and recommendations for their metadata standards, currently the DPLA Metadata Application Profile (DPLA MAP) version 5.0. Here are some key documents outlining the DPLA’s requirements and recommendations.