Harvesting Workflow

IDHH harvest workflow illustration, described below

  1. On-boarding

  2. Test harvesting and metadata assessment

    • IDHH determines if metadata is harvestable with OAI-PMH and determines the metadata schema
    • IDHH harvests metadata with REPOX test server
    • IDHH assesses harvested metadata to check how it conforms with the DPLA’s standards
  3. Metadata Remediation

    • IDHH provides metadata assessment to contributor
    • Contributor makes required changes and any recommended changes they care to undertake
    • Contributor communicates with IDHH that metadata changes have been made and collections are ready for harvest
  4. Harvesting Metadata into Production

    • IDHH harvests metadata into REPOX Production server
    • Production server performs some automated transformations on metadata
  5. DPLA Harvest

    • DPLA harvests metadata
    • DPLA Indexes metadata and provides it in catalog
  6. Future Harvests

    • IDHH will reharvest collections on a quarterly basis, approximately every January, April, July, and October
    • Any metadata changes contributors make to collections between harvests will appear in the DPLA catalog after collections are first reharvest by the IDHH and then by the DPLA